The Bush-Cheney 'TOP GUN' Focus Group

The Bush-Cheney'Top Gun' Focus Group

Ian Maxwell MacKinnon and Eric Zinman are proud to invite you as a special, prescreened American, to host President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney's executive focus group for a project of the highest stakes for the future of our country: a remake of the 1986 blockbuster "Top Gun." This Film is a sign of the White House's faith, commitment, and leadership in advancing America's ideals at home and abroad. Taking our hero on a secret mission to Iraq, this movie will boost US military recruitment, convince skeptics of America's noble cause, and show the Islamic world what freedom and liberty are all about. The president and vice-president are running the focus group themselves after a screening of the rough cut raised concerns. They'll perform new and corrected scenes and songs from the soundtrack, with Mr. Cheney accompanying the president on piano.

Listen to

"Goin' to Dubai"

an mp3 recording of the administration's proposal for an addition to the soundtrack. This song is to accompany the return to Kuwait after the initial bombing of Baghdad

Listen to

"Back on the Ranch"

an mp3 recording of the song approved for use over the closing credits.

Also, from "A Bush-Cheney Christmas" (Dec 2003), the hymn

"The Sun Never Sets on the Eagle"

The video trailer for the Bush-Cheney 'TOP GUN' Focus Group can be viewed on youtube

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Past Focus Groups:


"the show was hilarious" Boston Herald

"Pick of the Week" DNC 2004 Boston Phoenix

"provocative, unsettling humour" Boston Globe

"quick wit" Cambridge Chronicle

Video Trailer by ?/ video footage by Freemanz/ Storyboard art by Jason Chase